no muD, NO running, but there will be DRINKS

With the ability to perform a Cocktail BootCamp for a group of 20, or a group of 500, it's easy to see why the latest installment from the Liquid Engineers has the event world buzzing.  

The live show has been specially designed for events and hotel conferences.  

The format will remind you of Master Chef, but instead of boring old carrots and potatoes, you'll be playing with Rum and Gin and a room full of fresh fruit and crushed ice.  Every guest stands at their own bar station, complete with every tool and ingredient they will need to make the cocktails of the day.

“No olive has been left unturned in our quest to deliver a highly entertaining, motivating and informative cocktail making session. Everyone gets their hands dirty... and you drink what you make!”
— Adam MacDonald, Creator
This concept is as fresh as the ingredients they use.
— Kasper Björk Borg, TEDx Oslo
The power of this show is both entertaining and educational. The best way to teach large groups of people how to drink better.
— David Lindgren, Choice Hotels

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