got the booze, but nothing ELSe? Here comes the "everything else"

For the past 12 months, we have quietly been testing a home deliver service that is now ready to go and will be available from May/June 2016.  

We know that there are thousands of people at home parties who want to drink better, make more exciting, flavourful drinks, but they just lack a few things to make it happen.  

They have the vodka, or the gin, or the rum, but what about the fresh lemon juice, or home made ginger syrup?  Where do you get the good mint?  What about the cocktail shaker or all the ice? What about the recipe to follow or a video explaining what to do and how to do it?  

DRINK IN A BOX will be everything you need it to be, delivered straight to your door, so you can be the star drink maker at your home parties.

Each box will come with enough ingredients to make 16 delicious drinks.  

Just follow the recipe, watch the video then shake it, make it, love it... all night long!


Yes, we're super excited to announce that we will be having a 30 day KickStarter Campaign in an effort to raise the funds we will need to get this project off the ground.  

It will be a fantastic opportunity to get special early bird deals, amazing rewards and become a part of changing a nation's drinking culture.  Watch this space for more information soon.


Sneak-a-peek on what the box will look like.

Interested in knowing more about Drink In A Box?  

Contact us, we love talking about it!