Blindfolds, cocktails, a hidden door, what more could you ASK FOR?

If you like surprises, a bit of fun and a private bar for your next party, then welcome to Hush.


HUSH - The Secret Cocktail Party That Never Happened

Hush has been secretly happening in our bar for over 5 years. Our recent move to the new head quarters at Brick Lane Café meant that we still wanted to do our famous private party, so we made sure the architect drew up plans for a secret door.  Hush is alive and well and we're ready to host you and your next party.

Simply put, Hush is a concept that is designed to get people trying different cocktails than they might normally drink.  To sprinkle some mystery into the night, everyone is blindfolded before heading to the location.  We meet your group at a designated spot and walk you to our secret bar.

On arrival, your guests are given a welcome drink, the blindfolds come off and they are then encouraged to find our secret door.  If they find it, the party begins.  

I have done Hush at least 5 or 6 times, and I can’t get enough. To be honest, I was not a huge cocktail fan originally, but that was until I met Adam and his colleagues. The taste experience blew me away. After the Hush experience it is difficult, borderline impossible, to order cocktails anywhere else and be satisfied. I will be back with friends and colleagues – again and again.
— Henning Sverdrup, Släger Kommunikasjon AS
Best deal in town! And we’re not talking about basic rubbish, this is fantastic, tasty quality drinks all the way. Love Hush!
— Liora Levi, Sommelier
A great way to celebrate my birthday. A private bar with professional and fun bartenders. Highly recommended.
— David Holland, HFC

We look after you and your guests with all the cocktails, snacks, great music and games that you could wish for.  

A typical Hush party lasts for 3 hours. 

Price per person is 625kr.

Timing is usually 20:30 - 23:30.

Minimum number of people is 20.

Think of Hush as the ultimate pre-party, except you don't need to clean up the next morning!




To secure a date and time for your Hush Party, we ask that you place a deposit by paying for 3 people in your group.  

Please note:  We have a minimum number of 20 people per party.  If your group is less than 20 people, we can still throw a HUSH party, however the fee is still charged at the price of 20 people.

We use PAYPAL to secure our online banking.  All major credits are accepted.

You do not need to have a PAYPAL account to continue. 

Your Name
Date of HUSH

1st Installment HUSH

(3 People)

1875 nok (1500+mva)