Thanks for securing the 1st installment, now it's time to pay for the 2nd installment.


You have already paid for 5 people in your group. Now you can pay for the rest at a rate per person.

Please note:  We have a minimum number of 10 people per course.  If your group is less than 10 people, you can still join the course, however the fee is still charged at the price of 10 people.

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You do not need to have a PAYPAL account to continue. 


If your group has 14 people attending the Utdrikningslag Cocktail Course.

You have already paid for 5 people in the 1st Installment.

In the drop down option in the 2nd Installment, you would select 9 persons.

5 + 9 = 14 persons attending the Cocktail Course.  Easy as that!

How Many Extra People
*Name of Bride or Groom
*Date and Time

2nd Installment 

You have already paid for 5 people, now pay 

for the rest of your group and you are all set!

350nok per person

(280nok + mva)