the bar, THE booze, the show, 

straight to your door 

Celebrating well is the Norwegian way, so why not surprise your guests with perfectly shaken cocktails and a professional bar.


Maybe you're planning a surprise 40th birthday party? Maybe it's the wedding of your dreams or a pool party for no special reason. Whatever the occasion, we deliver our delicious drinks along with a friendly bartender direct to your home or special location.  We can operate out of your kitchen, or for bigger parties, we bring our portable bars.  

We bring everything that is needed to make a menu of cocktails and work with you so your favourite flavours and styles of drinks are talked about hits at the party.

We turn up on time, clean up after ourselves and let you enjoy your celebration!

You can also come to us.  We have a great bar that can be booked for special events.

Glasses, ice, fresh ingredients, beer, wine, spirits, portable bars and our award winning bartenders are all part of the package. 

We had Adam making cocktails in our kitchen for a small party at home, absolutely delicious and entertaining in the same glass.
— Erik Thorstvedt
My 40th birthday party went from good to fantastic the moment the Liquid Engineers and their bar turned up.
— Richard Stott